Gabby Villalba_Selfportrait_Sydney_Photographer

Gabriela Villalba is an australian-venezuelan photographer  living in Sydney since 2013. Her photographic work has focused mainly on portraiture and her camera has documented many creative processes and artists specially from the cultural scene in Sydney's Northern Beaches. Natural light, spontaneity and high dedication in the composition have been part of her personal hallmark.


In addition to her digital and documentary work, Gabby likes to explore alternative photographic processes, using toy cameras, vintage lenses, or getting lost in the intense blue of cyanotype. Currently, she is immersed in self-portraiture and handmade alteration of photographs. From there she has found a place to express her emotions and feelings from a more intimate and personal perspective. She is interested in creating a more conceptual photography and investigating the power of art and creation as forms of healing and mental health.


Awarded "Honorable Mention in Photography" at Warringah Art Prize 2015 in Sydney, Gabby studied photography at Roberto Mata School of Photography in Caracas and worked for many years as visual communicator in the advertising industry in Venezuela. She has participated in collective exhibitions in Caracas, Sydney and Newcastle. Currently she is also dedicated to her projects as Co-Founder and Visual Storyteller of Kayapa Creative Studio and as Co-Founder and Art Director of La Crème Creative Inc. in Brookvale.


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