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Cyanotype is a very old photographic printing technique (19th century), in which a prussian blue image is obtained as a result of the process of developing an object or photographic negative, using solutions of iron salts and exposing it to ultraviolet light.

I find fascinating the world of possibilities that cyanotype offers. I enjoy every step of the process, from hand-sensitising the paper to challenging tonalities and even waiting for a sunny day to develop adds to the connection I feel with the process.

I was born in a small fishing town in northern Venezuela, which is why I find a great deal of inspiration in the sea and nature. I love merging my images with objects from nature and capturing that relationship and unique moment as an ephemeral collage (I don't use glue) especially through cyanotype.

I fall in love with the idea of printing my work with my own hands but also of going further exploring treatments and fusions that allow me to navigate in new territories in photography and printmaking.

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