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Hybrid Photography 

The process of physically altering the photograph grants me great creative freedom. I am intrigued by how the image evolves through various modifications, each intended to convey something unique. Beyond capturing images in their rawest form, I immerse myself in a process where I combine various materials and techniques to create an image with an entirely new narrative and meaning.

I grew up among poets and fishermen, where words and the environment blended to tell stories. For me, photography and writing are complementary languages that converge and help me give voice to my experiences and emotions. Thus, some poems have been born before or after the image.

Through self-portrait photography, I delve into the physical and emotional realms of identity. This genre has always held a personal fascination for me. From my project '9 Moons', where I explored the transformation of my body and emotions during pregnancy, I felt a special connection with the process. After nearly 10 years mainly dedicated to documentary portraiture, I embarked on the path of self-portraiture, delving into it more deeply and making it an important part of my work.

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